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Delain are a Dutch symphonic metal band founded by Charlotte Wessels and Martijn Westerholt, the brother of Within Temptation guitarist Robert Westerholt. Their current line up (see above) is from left to right Ruben Israel (drummer), Charlotte Wessels (singer), Martijn Westerholt (keyboardist), Otto Schimmelpenninck van der Oije (bassist) and Timo Somers (guitarist). Delain are one of my favourite bands because Charlotte Wessels has a unique, distinctive voice and style of singing which sets Delain apart from other symphonic metal bands. She doesn't often use operatic vocals but instead mainly uses a more rock/pop style of vocals which fits with Delain's more modern, accessible sound. Also Delain just write great songs with killer hooks and often meaningful lyrics. I've seen Delain live as they were Within Temptation's support act at Wembley Arena in London on 12th April 2014. Both bands were brilliant.

My favourite song by Delain is We Are the Others, a tribute song to Sophie Lancaster (who was beaten to death by a group of teenagers because she was a goth). Below are links to both the shorter, less heavy single version of the song (the video's incredible though) and the longer, arguably more powerful album version:

Another great song by Delain is Army of Dolls, about the pressure on celebrities to be "perfect", the link is actually to a lyric video I made for this song:

Finally April Rain was the first Delain song I heard and it got me into the band so it earns its place in my top 3 Delain songs:

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