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Nightwish are a symphonic metal band from Finland. Their current line up (see above) is from left to right Emppu Vuorinen (guitarist), Troy Donockley (pipes & whistles), Tuomas Holopainen (keyboardist/songwriter), Floor Jansen (singer), Marco Hietala (bassist/singer) and Jukka Nevalainen (drummer). They have also had two other singers, Tarja Turunen and then Anette Olzon, before Floor Jansen and Sami Vänskä was their bassist before Marco Hietala. They're my favourite band because I like absolutely every album they've put out, I love all three singers, I think Tuomas Holopainen is an amazing songwriter and I never get sick of their music. Even when I listen to them for 3 hours in one day!

Nemo is probably Nightwish's most famous song with Tarja Turunen on vocals:

And Amaranth was Nightwish's first single with Tarja Turunen's replacement, Anette Olzon:

Finally Storytime was originally sung by Anette Olzon but the singer in this video is her replacement and their current singer Floor Jansen:

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