Me at my 2014 graduation - RHUL

Hello, my name is Emrys Jenkins. In 2014 I graduated from Royal Holloway University, with a Masters degree in Physics. Currently, I am living in the UK, near a town called Bracknell in the county of Berkshire.

My university course was 4 years long, and included a variety of common Physics topics, including Quantum Physics, Particle Physics, and Condensed Matter Physics. I also picked up some programming skills, as coding is quite a common tool employed in certain areas of Physics. During my time at RHUL, I studied C++ and Java, a well as more specific packages such as Mathematica, GNUPlot, and LaTeX. I also know a bit of HTML.

During my free time, I like to write, game, and watch TV and films. In all four, I tend to stick to my favourite genres; science-fiction and fantasy. I play all sorts of games, not just video games; and my interests include board games, card games, miniature games, and role-playing games. At the moment, my two favourites are probably Magic the Gathering and Star Wars X-Wing.

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