In the past we have had several cats and guinea pigs but at the moment we just have 1 cat, Clover. Until the start of 2016 we had a second cat called Ronnie, but sadly he passed away.

Our cat Ronnie

Ronnie was born in 2007. He had a bad start in life being abandoned as a kitten and ending up living rough. During this period he also suffered a nasty injury to his neck due to his collar being too tight as he grew. The injury got infected and although he made a good recovery he still had some areas of sensitive skin with little fur in places around his neck. We adopted Ronnie from the local Cats Protection League in 2009.

Our cat Clover

Clover was born in 2009 and we have had her since she was a small kitten. She is another rescue cat from Cats Protection but she was born at one of their shelters so she had a much better start in life than poor Ronnie. Currently Clover is a little overweight and she is on a weight reduction program!

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